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I never actually thought about what was going on in a pokeball when you're trying to catch it. So, it's pretty original (even if it is a bit of a pokemon parody).

That said, the art was very well done. It had a pleasing aesthetic, some humor, good voices, and decent music. Definitely a solid animation.


The animation style was certainly fitting for the content. The facial expressions really made the whole thing.

The voice acting was also spot on.

I totally lost in when the dragon fell on the pie lady, epic dragon sounds effects.

psychicpebbles responds:

haha, glad you enjoyed it man thanks for the review!

I'm not sure what I just saw....

The plot is so complex and psychological. Absolutely stunning.

In all seriousness, The animation/art style was terrible. The humor fell flat (except for the chicken headed guys origin story and the brofist team up). The music was totally out of place (though, I think that may have been part of the joke?).

Improve the animation, and either get voice acting or use a more legible way than just placing the text in the middle of the screen. Try to make the text understandable (again, unless that was part of the joke?).

Overall, this is pretty terrible.

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x-Spartaco-x responds:

if music is a joke

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Oddly Entertaining.

The movement and level design is much more complex than what I was expecting once I saw the graphics (which are admittedly terrible).

There are a few problems with the control scheme once you get the grappling hook/rope it becomes difficult to slide instead of shooting the hook, since it requires basically exact timing. The mine cart part would have made more sense with the control scheme if it had used the up arrow and C rather than XZ. It also seems like the collision detection could use some work, mostly in regard to the saws.

Improve the art/sound effects and fine tune the control scheme and I could see this having a fairly good sequel.

Decent but a little annoying.

The "pixel" art is well made. The story, while ridiculous, is pretty nice. The game play is simple and easy to pick up, but it's been done before.

The egg system was useful, and better than starting the level over each time. The music syncing up with the actions of enemies/obstacles are screen was entertaining, and done well (specifically the 3rd level).

My only gripe is that I was unable to defeat the Evil Wizard. I got tired of do the level over and over again just to get back to him. I don't see why you didn't have the egg system work during the last fight. It didn't make the fight more "difficult" so much as it made the player annoyed.

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I don't know what just happened...

but it was awesome.

The sheer amount of ridiculously impossible things and the hilarity of actually doing them was amazing. The music fit perfectly and the sounds were satisfying and well placed.

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Great, The voices really pulled me in...

The voice in the beginning, the Guy-girl one, sounded a little weird, but I like the "female" male vocal. I particularly enjoyed it around 1:50 to about 2:30 ish, the voice there was nice.

A lot of time when music like this is done with vocals you can't get them to sound right, I think you did that here and I can't stop listening.

I'm no music expert, but in my opinion this is a great piece.

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Amazing, I can't stop listening..

I loved the original song when I first heard it, this one just capitalizes on what the original had. I guess I'm a bit partial because I love any trance/ techno song that makes use of a female vocal.

This remix never bores me with long buildups (although they are sometimes good, I just like my trance that way).

Great Job.

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Mrmilkcarton responds:


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It's Nice.

I find that the problem with many people's portrait pictures is that they don't capture emotion. This guy has a great and fitting expression.

I like it.

The expression on the guy's face is perfect.

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